Taihang Mountain Tunnel is currently the third longest railway tunnel in China. It has two holes and single line in each hole. This tunnel passes through the main peak of Taihang Mountain, 1,311-meter Yuexiao Mountain. The distance between two lines is 35 meters, the maximum burial depth is 445 meters, the up-link is 27,848 meters


Daliuta Coal Mine is a super-huge type which belongs to Shendong Coal Group and has 20,000,000 tons of production every year. It is located at the near of Wulanmulun River, Daliuta Town, Shenmu County, Shaanxi Province. It consists of Daliu Coal Well and Huojitu Coal Well, the area is about 189.9 square kilometers, the coal


Gomal Zam Dam is located in Gomal Zam River in Pakistan. This project takes agricultural irrigation as the main purpose, it also can prevent flood, generate electricity and provide water for people’s life. On September 12, 2013, Gomal Zam Dam was finished smoothly. Gomal Zam Dam is an arched and roller compacted concrete gravity dam.

The Discussion of Self Drilling Rock Bolt in Highway Construction

With the rapid development of highway construction in China, the side slope protection system constantly bring the highway department’s attention. It should be based on the condition of road’s grade, rainfall intensity, underwater, terrain, geology and materials of construction. To ensure the stability of highway and people’s safety, self drilling rock bolt is widely used

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